Multitenant Site created but I can not see all the freatures

I have successfully created a second site however on the second site i can not see all the features that exists on the first site, for instanace all the features like sales, accounts, purchasing human resources are missing !!!

I wanted to create this new site so that it can be used for another company and has all the features that I have on the first site … any clue? am I doing something wrong here?

Just so that you know in the setup section when i ran the application from the browser, it did not ask me for the company details etc … it just asked for user name and pass then i logged in…

would having Multitenant Secondary site allow you to have all the features you had in the first site, such as chart of account, sales, stock , item etc ?

I would appreciate you reply

Creating second site is the first step for multitenant, but you always have to install erpnext on every new site.

Try bench --site site2.local (OR YOUR 2 SITE NAME ) install-app erpnext

Thank you for your response, I tried your command as in below:

root@fwrat:/home/frappe/frappe-bench# bench --site site2.local install-app erpnext

I get:

Installing erpnext…

ERPNext can only be installed on a fresh site where the setup wizard is not completed

You can reinstall this site (after saving your data) using: bench --site [sitename] reinstall

Then as suggested above I tried running:

root@fwrat:/home/frappe/frappe-bench# bench --site site2.local reinstall This will wipe your database. Are you sure you want to reinstall? [y/N]:

I am worried here, will this wipe the database that was created for the site2.local or will it wipe the first site database (site1.local)

The message is not clearly stating that the db of the second site will be wiped?

I have important data on the site1.local database and can not afford loosing them ,

Are you guys sure this will only wipe the db for the second site and not for the first site?

I would extremely appreciate your answer …

Always use the bench --site site name command in this case bench --site site2.local reinstall will only wipe out the 2 database then run the install-app command for installing. Also you can use bench --site site name backup before and download the backup zip for extra security

Yes, I read this reply and tried, it’s work perfectly and conclude the following if to create multi tenancy,

  1. To Create Multiple Site - but this only create the site, and doesn’t install the ERPNext.

  2. To Install ERPNext on newly created site. ( If already proceed with the setup process, just reinstall the bench and run again the command to install ERPNEXT.