Multitenant Sites are mirroring!

Dear All,

I’ve been facing a weird issue with Multi tenant sites created on a bench.

Whatever I’m doing/creating/updating/importing in a site is automatically getting updated to the other.

I don’t know; They are DNS based sites. I’m pretty much sure they are not supposed to work that way.

Anyone with this kinda issue?

Is there a currentsite.txt file under sites directory?

If so, remove currentsite.txt. then restart the bench.

There is!

Removing it now. Let’s see what happens.

Thanks :slight_smile:

@saurabh6790 Sorry brother, still the same. :frowning:

try empty currentsite.txt but not delete it and have a bench --site [sitename] clear-cache for each of your sites

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I’ve already removed the file. though i’m gonna try clearing the cache though. letting you guys know in a while.

umm i got an error on custom app scheduled jobs if currentsite.txt is deleted, i think it’s better to create an empty file …

Still the same.

I’m gonna re-install the 2nd site and let’s see what happens.

Reinstalling the site and other things worked. Dunno what what I do wrong first time, can’t remember any.

Thank You guys. :slight_smile: