Multitnanat Customization

Erpnext designed to work on two shape

1- multi company
2- multi tenant

i want take one advantage from multi company and all the advantage of multi tenant

the scenario that i need to make is

A (accounting ) B(Accounting) C(Accounting)

                              C(HQ Accounting )

three separated companies and the main quarter which control on all that companies

i need the HQ , fetch accounting data from company A.B.C to be able to watch it in one place

i dont know if there is the ability to view and edit or just view only
because if there is ability for editing

this mean that the hub and the companies will synchronize together

waiting the developers views
thanks a lot for your guide .

The HQ company, can use the company field in reports like Balance sheet etc to filter and view transactions created by other companies but consolidation will have to be done by them as it is not automated.

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Dear i dont understand clearly

i see an option in report to Export

so according to your view the three companies has to export the accounting reports

But how the HQ import ?

i dont see an option for import