Museum Ticket (Sales) Managment

Hello folks, has anyone customised erpnext POS for a small museum or amusement park etc. for issuing entry tickets?

We have an inquiry for ticketing solution for a small museum. The requirements is for 6 or less checkout counters. Tickets would be for 4 more display rooms prices differently for each room. Customers can purchase ticket for each or combination of 2 or more rooms. POS machines or tablets will be issued at the checkout counters. Tickets to be preferably issued on thermal paper to save cost and easy availability of printers and paper.

Client is not interested in other modules like HR, manufacturing etc. Very price sensitive as it is a startup business.

You could try creating different non stock items for the museum products and try to use the POS as it is. After initial pilot run with users if you have custom requirements you could check with service providers for customizations