Must save twice for 1st workflow state


I created only 2 workflow states for Sales Invoice:

  1. Ordered for doc status:0 (saved)
  2. Invoiced for doc status:1 (submitted)

The rules:

  1. State: Ordered; Action:Approved; Next State: Invoiced

When creating new sales invoice, I must click save button twice to become in Ordered state. What’s wrong here? After 1st save and back to list view the status is Draft…save it again and now it’s Ordered.

I want it becomes Ordered after save without Draft…



Please share screenshot of the workflow setting.

If you only have one approver, then you need not set workflow at all. You can manage this with Save and Submit permission as well. To creator, only give Save permission. Only approver will have permission to submit document.

You can customize permission for each document and for each role from Role Permission Manager.

@umair Here’s the screenshot

What’s wrong? Using v6.5.1

Without workflow, I cannot define own state status…and I only utilize Sales Invoice for sales cycle…

@jof2jc values in the workflow seems fine. I created workflow in my test account on the same lines. For me, status was updated correctly on first save itself, and didn’t require another save.

Please clear cache from your browser and check again.