Mutiple Sales Invoices against an Order


Trust everyone’s doing great. When we try to make multiple Sales Invoices against one Sales Order, the Invoice has no provision for automatically calculating the Invoiced Quantity based on Amount

For example, I have a Sales Order for 10 items at 100,000 USD total. If I raise an invoice of 30,000 USD against this order, the system should be able to automatically calculate the corresponding quantity as 3 (out of 10 total) and I should be able to tell from the Sales Order that I still have 7 items at 70,000 USD total to bill for

Ideally, I would expect the Sales Invoice form to have an editable ‘Amount’ field and then automatically calculate quantity based on that (this is especially helpful when dealing with fractions) but right now, the only pricing-related field that appears editable is the Rate!

Am I missing something? Please advise

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I think there should also be some validation of quantity between Sales Invoice and Sales Order. Right now, it appears only the amount is being validated

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I think we have gone back and forth on this a lot of times. Maybe @nabin can tell you why (he is on leave and will be back on Monday)


Thanks. I’ll wait for Nabin to get back but what of the main issue regarding calculation of invoice quantity based on amount?

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@wale that feature does not exist at the moment.


That was mainly to address invoice against service order or project based order, where qty actually does not make sense. But may be we can maintain both billed qty and billed amount for stock items. We will give it a thought.

@nabinhait thanks for your feedback. We are very much concerned about how ERPNext helps to manage contracts as well. I wouldn’t say quantities don’t really mean anything when it comes to Services

For example, a UOM for a Service company could be something like ‘Installation’… so you could have a contract (Sales Order) for 1 installation and invoice at various stages of completion. Quantity could play a role here as you are able to invoice based on % completion. For instance, 0.5 installation would mean a 50% completion

This would also make more sense when you are checking sales-related reports. Quantities of Services sold would then actually tally with what was done in reality

To cut a long story short, please put some more thought into the way ERPNext helps service-based companies manage their contracts. This is greatly needed


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