Mutlilingual Article Names


What is the best way to achieve Multilingual Article Names.

Using Custom Translations ? or creating a Article DocType Clone and add the Custom Field for the other language Language.

Background: We need to add the foreign Names to products which they are sold abroad

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If the concern is about print documents then Use Custom Translations

Thanks, Rohit


@rohit_w, @jfschubert

I think, the requirement ist to translate not only the labels in the Print-Format, but to give the user a tool to translate the Values of the article-name and/or the article-description.

This is a very common requirement for companies with international customers and suppliers.

It would be a big benefit to have such a standard-tool in ERPNext.

Life could be so easy when the whole world would have only one language. But we live in a non ideal world. :slight_smile:


Through custom translation based on language you will change the value of item name and description too on print format.

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@jfschubert & @Idat-Consulting if i do understand right, you mean you want all of the document to be translated even the item names, am i right?

if so, then a custom print format with custom translations is what you need and what we did, see the following:

in custom print formats you can add custom translation for an item name (lets say: { apple Juice } to be {عصير تفاح}

what you need to do is when you call the row {{row.description}} you convert it to be a translated value {{_(row.description)}} and add the translation in the custom translation setup…

this will translate all the item names to the language of the document / invoice…

hope this helped :smiley:

Dear @ramielian,

Thank you very much for the idea. This i also had as workaround for solving the issue.

This would solve the problem.

But because most of the reports must be touched, it is a certain effort.
Also maintaining the texts in the global custom translation setup is only a workaround, because typos may brake the translation.

A better solution would be to maintain the different values for each language directly in the article. It would also be a better customer experience.

As an idea for a generic solution in ERPNext:

  • When defining a DocType and its fields there should be a Field-Property, which is called ‘Is translatable’.
  • In the application, when the DocType is edited, the value of the field can be maintained with the default value.
  • For a user, who doesnt care about translation nothing would change.
  • But!!! There may also a dialog, where the user can edit the value for each language which is defined in the ERPNext installation. This can be a special popup-dialogue after clicking an icon besides the translatable field.
  • In the application, when the DocType is used for display and/or Printing, the system detects that the field is translatable. It looks for a value in the desired language or if no translation exists, it takes the normal value.

Unfortunately what you are requesting needs as I think at least 70 hours of development and rebuilding of both UI and doc type functions… I don’t think anyone have free 70 hours now days to do it…? Any one?

@Idat-Consulting @ramielian I am interested in this issue.

Could you share your design document or what the steps are needed to achieve it.
I am willing to participate in bounty or any kind of suppourt.

In my case custom translation for Item Description is not working unless I translate the HTML.
Am I doing something wrong?