Mutliple entries for an item in Purchase receipt

Purchase order is mandatory and is enabled in Buying settings. There are additional information with each serial no that is to be captured while making Purchase Receipt. Hence I need to have multiple entries for the same item in a Purchase Receipt. This is not allowed and hence asks for a purchase order number for the second entry. How to handle this?

As an example, created a PO for 20 items.
Tried to create a purchase receipt with 2 entries of quantity 10 and 10 for the same item.
On save, it asks for PO Number for the second entry.
But both entries are for the same item in the same PO.
How to handle such requirement.


Any specific for double entry? You should make two receipts for 10 quantities each and then club both PR in single purchase invoice.

Hack(Or system allowed)?

  • In buying setting Allow Item to be added multiple times in a transaction must be marked.

  • While making PR, you need to “get items” twice and then edit quantities. For both lines items, reference is pointed to same PO.

  • A validation is thrown “You have already selected items from Purchase Order”, submit PR.