My Chart of Account miss the Collapse, Edit, Add Child, Rename, Delete

hi all,

I am non-regular to upgrade frappe and erpnext to new release, and not yet to play around all features after each upgrade.

My previous versions are:
ERPNext: v7.0.16
Frappe Framework: v7.0.14

AND recently upgrade versions are:
ERPNext: v7.0.62
Frappe Framework: v7.0.46

I do not always play the Chart of Account, but recently i need, however, i find this issue

it is missing the Collapse, Edit, Add Child, Rename, Delete.

My previous working screen as:

I may make some mistake myself or wrong operation, please indicate me a right road i can open back my account hierarchy.

Can you recall if you made any changes somewhere?

Hi, I have the same problem. I have created a clean erpNext site, which I tested and works fine. I look at the chart of accounts and I can add/edit etc new accounts etc. However, as soon as I import my sql file from production it loads correctly, all the files/accounts are there, but the option to edit or add Child is missing. Were you able to resolve this issue? My production site also does not allow me to edit or add child values?

After a few weeks at that moment, i upgraded the frappe & erpnext (currently, i am still using ERPNext: v8.0.50 & Frappe Framework: v8.0.68), then the chart of accounts is worked again. I do not follow up any more, just consider as a old version with this mirror issue.
For my experience, we need have a development site of frappe & erpnext, upgrade to your specific version, import your data and test them. If everything ok, you can upgrade your production site of frappe & erpnext.

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Iā€™m using version 10.1.2. The problem exists if you import the SQL backup to a clean install of erpNEXT. I was on version 8.0 and earlier versions and have continued to update as releases are available. I have not found anyway to fix the issue. I will try importing each record rather than the entire SQL file, but expect this will be tedious and miss some history (like emails sent and notes etc). When I get time I will look at code to see what may be causing this. Stay on ver 8 or try to upgrade later - I would be interested to see if it works for your site.