My First App, Workshop

Hi guys, On First place, congratulations for this great ERP, i was working on AD/iDempiere Project for 9 years and working 3 days on ERPNext i feel fantastic, Frappe is a Great Framework, I’m creating a new module to control Workshops, controlling vehicles, odometer, maintenance, work orders.

I wanna Share my app with the community, maybe on two week will be ready, this module don’t exist right ?


Thanks for your kind words and welcome to the forum :smiley:

Those module does not exists, please go ahead. If you need any kind of help, post it here or on gitter.

Hi @Orlando_R_Curieles_V,
Check on Github and on this forum, I remember a few group have started / talked about this.
If I remember correctly one app is even called “fleet” … check on Github.


Thanks nabinhait and Francois_ifitwala, i started the work and is Ok to learn :slight_smile:


Hey, checking in the forum I found that Fleet: Documentation

But honestly is very basic, we are working on something better that Odoo Fleet.

On two Week or less will be ready.



@Orlando_R_Curieles_V awesome. Please do share and let us know if you need any help :smile:

If you wish use the source code, I was trying out for mile/km and validation of odometer distance on fillup.

@rmehta & the core team & the Community: getting off-topic a little but it fits (sort of here). Also I have mentioned such in other discussions already. I see a demand for a (maybe centralized) location where such Community projects can be hosted.

I could imagine that providing such a location might also be a task for the Foundation to be founded?
Not sure whether you have noted it but I took the freedom to create an [Orgaization on github][1] some days ago (some of you guys @Frappe where invited to join) and I wonder whether this could be used for such purposes. Ideally I’d imagine there would be a Foundation team maintaining theses projects/Apps/repositories?

EDIT: just checked in and see is being populated already by it’s members, so it seems this might be a good place to start with

HI @revant_one sure, we will check this code, Thanks.

Agree completely - many hands on one project would make things go quicker - and less costly.

Guys, I have a question, I want obtain the contact of the customer selected in my Doctype, is possible that without code ?


Oh, Is Ready, i see on Opportunity how do it, sorry.

@vrms Thanks we already have Not Found

Also, we are planning to use ERPNext · GitHub for the foundation!

Any status for the workshop apps ? Is it ready for use ?

Do you mean to refer to some sort of repository initiative!?

In which case this is empty Not Found

But I happened on this just now, that may hold that promise instead

Maybe you can be more specific what you had in mind and/or report back what you find!?