My First Online Ecommerce website is Live on ERPNEXT Version 14 , 100% ERPNEXT without any customization

Announcing My first Online Ecommerce website is Live, 100% on ERPNEXT without any customization.

Now I am enjoying ERPNext.

Thanks to Everyone.


Great site!
It has the grid/list selector…nice. What I’m looking for :slight_smile:

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Congrats @netmanthan. This is great. I am also looking forward to migrate our webstore to erpnext. This is a good example.

How well does it perform on the SEO front?


Thank for your appreciation,

Yes, your question is very true,
Yes we can setup meta tags in ERPNext,Having a presence in the top positions for keywords that your prospects are looking for will increase the probability of your webstore expansion.

Thank for your appreciation.

Awesome work, especially with no customizations. Just wondering, did you need to do anything in particular to get your variations popup to work? Mine don’t pop up.