My first post and it was marked as spam.?

Can someone give me some feedback on why this post ERPNext and Quickbooks Online was marked as spam?

Thank you


First of all Welcome to the Community.

Your first post was flagged because when a brand new user tries to post links to points on the web outside of this forum the automated filters flag that as possibly spam. It was not meant to be offensive. It is just a safety built into the forum to prevent tons of links suddenly showing up from sites pushing illegal activties or possibly spewing advertising. Once a moderator reviewd the post it was released and make active.

New users are monitored for a short while to make sure they are both learning from the community and adding back to it with experienced content.

As for the QB Online connections, there are a few folks here that have tried to get it working but anything that exists thus far is not well documented and may not work for the latest versions of ERPNext.

Read up on what you can find by searching the forum and if you find something interesting, post a question in the relevant thread. Someone else may see it that has more information to add.

BKM ~ :sunglasses:

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