MySQL/Apache for ERPNext?

Hi all,
I run a webmin/virtualmin environment with other sites already installed. For this reason, I’m already running MySQL and Apache. I can’t easily migrate all of my sites other to MariaDB/Nginx, nor am I sure whether I want to change (FYI, most of the other sites are Drupal sites).

Is it possible to run ERPNext on Apache or MySQL? Are there any previous versions available that do? If not, is anyone currently running both environments side-by-side, and how are you doing this?

Thanks in advance!

@thepreferrednerd ERPNext is expected to be installed on clean OS with minimal packages as bench installer does takes care of advanced installation of Frappe & ERPNext along with all necessary several dependencies/packages.
It primarily uses Nginx to serve content, where as there are many other packages such Nodejs, Socketio, Redis, MariaDB etc. Mandatorily required.

If you are an Advanced user or does have System Administration skills you may still be able to install ERPNext manually but it will be difficult as you will have to take care of installing all necessary dependencies, natively bench installer is supported on Debian/Ubuntu & CentOS at present.

Hi @yashodhan
Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I can’t afford to run a second host dedicated for just ERPNext; although you can probably tell from my post that I’m OK with system administrator skills to install ERPNext manually. My OS is Ubuntu, and its running in headless mode (as most VPS’s do)

Even if I install it manually though, my question still stands:
Is it possible to run ERPNext on Apache or MySQL? Are there any previous versions available that do?

I take it from your post that MariaDB is manditory, i.e. there are no versions available that will run on MySQL?

I may as well throw it out there too: bench doesn’t seem conducive to running multi-tenanted systems. I’m probably going to have to open a new thread for that topic…

Not that I can help you with, But does offers free fully featured ERPNext Cloud to small business owners to try out ERPNext without worries.

NO/Yes if you dont mind failing and hacking!

As you probably might know that, MySQL >>> MariaDB is provided by it’s developers/maintainers as drop in replacement. There are some major performance advantages and no configuration tweaking is required with MariaDB being fork of MySQL.

bench at present CLI tool which is made available for making lives easier for self hosted ERPNext users, but as always there is always a hard way open for hackers, so you are welcome to try. but Python2.7+Nginx+MySQL/MariaDB+Nodejs+Redis are some of important depending packages for ERPNext to run without hiccups.

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If I may suggest, you can run ERPNext in an LXC or similar, then make a virtual host in Apache that proxies ERPNext.

That way, your ERPNext remains clean (and easy to update!) while also not modifying your production environment.

I am planning on making a post on this type of deployment sometime soon once I have the time.

@alimalkhalifa That would be cool. :slight_smile: