MYSQL Crashing on DigitalOcean Droplet after Bench Update

After a recent bench update we have been having our DO droplet crash overnight. When we login in the morning it says “Out of Memory: Kill process 1698 (mysqld) score 27 1 or sacrifice child”.

I checked the memory usage and it is not particularly high and we are only three users. I noticed that when running Sudo apt-get upgrade that it is failing to migrate from MariaDB 10.0 to 10.1.

With a reboot we are able to proceed for the day but then it crashes again at night. Hoping someone has experience with this recent occurrence. We were rock solid reliable until this bench update.

We have removed and reinstalled MariaDB hoping it would fix it, but this did not seem to make a difference. It still throws the errors about not being able to migrate to 10.1.