Mysql is too Full?

i have an error how to resolve this ?

df -h | grep -v "tmp\|udev"
to check if you have enough disk-space (without the usual clutter)

hi! thanks for reply @trentmu. this is tthe available how can i increase ?

From the settings you have - there is no space to increase. You appear to have used up your entire available space. Most likely you will have to either add an extra HDD, or delete some files that are using up space.
To see where the space is being used so you can track the files that might be deleteable…

sudo du -h --max-depth=1 /

im using VMWAre how can i expand my HDD? and the only thing in my vmware is our system. theres no other files here

I don’t know VMware (I use VirtualBox), but from here
1 Select the virtual machine and select VM > Settings.
2 On the Hardware tab, select the virtual hard disk to expand.
3 Select Utilities > Expand.
4 Set the new maximum size for the virtual disk.
5 Select Expand.
6 Click OK after the disk expansion process is complete.

ill try to expand that but it doesnt work, in my ubutu disk its 11gb only and almost 99 percent of 11gb is ussed of my syste.