Mysterious Values in "Stock Adjustment" account


I have some balance in the “Stock Adjustment” account. All the transactions are “Material Transfer” type stock entries and no entry has any difference values. I can’t figure out how would they create in the first place!

Attached screenshots are for references.

Are you in V11? The culprit is precision not defined in For us its a bigger issue as we have 3 decimal digits. So amount of 1.234 transfer actually becomes 1.24. Plus .004 gets dropped into Stock Adjustment. We have asked to merging our PR in hotfix but no development on that front. You can fix the 2 lines in the file till PR is merged.

Thank you for your input. I’m on v12.0.6, and I don’t want to change the code as I do not think it’s a precision issue. Cause, there’s larger values in the ledger.

This is a very annoying issue as I can’t figure out what’s happening here.

Do you use Landed Cost Voucher?

Can’t you drill down to the transaction by clicking the Voucher No. or Accounts?

No landed cost voucher. And these are just Material Transfers with zero difference values.

And yes, I have checked every voucher and each of them has exactly the same incoming and outgoing values. So couldn’t figure out why would they create debit/credit entries in Stock Adjustment account.

The last voucher has a unit price of 1085 and that single unit price got debited. This is true for two three more entries. Others are random values.

As mentioned by @fnrfarid this occurs when Material Transfer is done. What we thought was a precision issue is turning out to be something else. After looking at many lines of codes we still dont understand why system passes on fraction to stock adjustment in some cases and doesn’t in another. Below screen are from 2 internal transfers of same day.

0.771 worth of goods were transferred from warehouse A to warehouse B.
Stock Adjustment

Same day another transfer from warehouse a to warehouse b and no stock adjustment


ERPNext: v11.1.77 (version-11)

Frappe Framework: v11.1.69 (version-11)

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This is what exactly I tried to post here. These values make no sense at all. If it were happening for all, then I could understand that there’s a bigger issue. If the values were a “simillar type” values, like item price list price, then I could understand it as well.

But they are so random that I can’t pin the issue down.


I have the same Problem, i did more analysis es to Know it came from where , but i didn’t KNOW

Hi @klsaudico does it happen only when you do stock transfer from one warehouse to another?

It, of course, occurs in some other transactions, such as stock reconciliation and stock entry (Material Receipt), and these logically make a difference in this account. But the worrying thing is that it occurs in stock entry (Material Transfer) between two warehouses, so this should not be a difference. The value of transferred stock between both warehouses must be the same,

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Can you check your currency exchange. Make sure the cents part end in 1 like 0.01
Most of the time, it is 0.00.

i use it by default, and i use one type of currency

Sorry, I meant Currency List. For your currency,
Change the 0.00 to 0.01

thanks @Joseph_Marie_Alba1 for interactive with our problem, I made the changes as you requested but there was no change in this account.

For new stock transfers, after changing the currency settings, it still debiting/crediting Stock Adjustment account?

hello @fnrfarid
I haven’t tried it, because in reality now, only some (stock transfer) have values in adjustment account debit/credit and more of them are not have values in this account.

One more step: Disable Rounded Totals in Global Default Setting

Hi @Joseph_Marie_Alba1

I was set it since i started work on system