Mysterious Values in "Stock Adjustment" account

hello @fnrfarid
I haven’t tried it, because in reality now, only some (stock transfer) have values in adjustment account debit/credit and more of them are not have values in this account.

One more step: Disable Rounded Totals in Global Default Setting

Hi @Joseph_Marie_Alba1

I was set it since i started work on system

So far, after changing the currency thing, no stock adjustment happened for material transfers yet. I’m observing closely to see if this resolves the issue. [Rounded total was already disabled]

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@Joseph_Marie_Alba1 Hi, so the issue reappeared again. I looked into the Stock Adjustment ledger today and found that 3 new entries have been made on 12th. I was really hoping the issue were resolved.

The worst part is that, I can’t figure out why would these entries create in the first place when these are Stock Transfer vouchers with 0 difference values. :frowning:

We cannot conclude anything from this ledger.
Please click the voucher no. link to go to the specific voucher where this stock adjustment entry occurred

Please check these screenshots. I’ve attached their respective accounting view at the bottom for all three entries as well.

Can you look at your warehouse account code?

Hi. Can you please explain it more. In V11 we are also facing this issue at material transfer from warehouse to warehouse. Thank you.

Does Each warehouse have its own assigned Account Code?

No, they do no. The Inventory account is the default one for all warehouses.

This can also be caused by making back dated entries

I don’t think backdated entries did this. And, even if so, if there were any pattern, any logical explanation, how and by doing what exactly, these issues happen! We could prevent those.

To prevent it completely:

  1. No backdated entries
  2. No landed cost voucher after making future entries
  3. No cancelling stock transactions

These are the 3 reason stock Ledger is reposted and causes a difference in incoming and outgoing value in stock transfer. I’ve discussed this at length in my other topics.

To test it. Create a test server and follow the steps in order

  1. Make purchase receipt on 2020-01-02 @ $100
  2. Make stock transfer on 2020-01-03
  3. Make purchase receipt on 2020-01-01 (backdated) @ $80
  4. Check your stock transfer entry and it’ll show a stock adjustment of $20 for FIFO or $10 for MA (given that qty was 1 for each transaction)

I just created some back dated transactions for the the items that were used in those stock transfers and surprisingly, then the stock entries with stock adjustments for those item, got disappeared from the ledger!

I’m trying now of the scenario you mentioned above.

Okay, I tried your test case and yes there was $20 in the stock adjustment ledger. Then I created another stock transfer @2020-01-02 and the stock adjustment got cleared.

And, as for the prevention points,

  1. Backdated Entries happens, almost impossible to not create them.
  2. So many costs happen even after a month of purchase/sales! LCV is a must to have actual costing.
  3. Unfortunately, Stock transactions cancellations do happen to keep the stock ledger clean. Maybe this could be avoided by using return types of stock transactions.

I understand that these are natural processes and my solution is to fix them rather than restrict them. I have done a lot of work around to fix this issue.

Currently what I do is repost the whole Stock Ledger while recalculating incoming and outgoing rates for an accounting period (usually at the end of the fiscal year) using a custom script I wrote.

In the future I really want this problem to be solved completely and I have written a design here at [Idea] Solution to Stock Transfer Reposting Problem that should fix the issue. According to @nabinhait, he is working on it and I have hopes that this can be resolved in the future

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In summary, to solve this issue for your Implementation, you can either wait for ERPNext team to solve this in a future version or you can hire my services to come up with a solution together sooner :relaxed:

Can you try placing the Stock Account in both Warehouse Account?
See if Stock Account Disappears.

How can I get your services