Name & ID - a universal concept?

… not in ERPNext as it seems


  • Item: has Item Name + Naming Series + Item ID
  • Customer: has Name + Naming Series, but no ID
  • Supplier: has Name + Naming Series, but no ID
  • Employee: … not sure. I think no ID neither

just wondering whether using ID + Name + Series universally would be a better concept. If anyone thought a Customer would need an ID they ID could be fetched from the name by default (or maybe even an auto generated ID (pretty much similar to what happens by default in order to populate a Customers picture)

If I say ‘just wondering’ … I believe it would be much better that way. anybody disagree?

DISCLAIMER: I come from an environment where everything (Supplier, Customer, Employee, Product, Account …) has an ID, so I am not 100% neutral in this. But I totally would be also willing to hear good arguments for a non-uniform (some docs having an ID, others don’t) approach.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

Currently masters and transaction naming system has been defined based on our learnings from the Customers. It have evolved over a period. For example, Employee has option of Naming based on Employee No. as well. This is configurable from:

HR > HR Settings > Employee Naming By