Name, Lastname and Company name Fields

Why not use different fields?
I know that currently we can select the contact type to be “individual or Company”, that helps.

But having a different field for the name and another for the last name will help not only in importing records from other CRM’s/ERP’s* but also with the newsletters.
I am sure some of us greet their contacts with Hi/hello/dear [name] and prefer to stear away from using the full name (more professional but less friendly). Whoever, having two fields will give everyone the flexibility to do as they wish.

(all other CRMs/ERPs I have seen use two fields, and some also have the optional “title” (dr. mr, etc).

As anyone customize NEXTErp in this way? if so, ho did you do it?

Innitially discuseed here: Name, Lastname and Company name Fields · Issue #4448 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub


Hey, If I understand correctly what you’re trying to accomplish this can be done as is. Just go to where you want to modify (I take it CRM?) and click lead or whatever sub part of the CRM you want to edit. There click Menu > Customize and then add in the fields you want (Name, last name etc) as data types.

Then if you have data to import, you can download the spreadsheet with those fields in place, input the data from your other system, save and re-upload.

Good luck!

I thought of doing that but I want to make sure that (a) I can safely remove the full name field without breaking anything in ERPNnext (i.e. workflow) and (b) that the change is reflected everywhere in ERPNext.

Is there a way to find out all the places where a specific field is being used?

Yeah that should be fine. As long as you’re not pulling the data from somewhere else that would be good.

But if I may suggest an idea, and something that I do when I am testing something out is have a second instance running. You can run it locally, or deploy it on another VPS. make your changes, break/fix things. once you understand how it works and what will happen when you remove something then you can apply the changes to your live site for business.

Thing is, without knowing where the field “fullname” is used across the application, there is no way I can be sure I won’t break some feature and go unnoticed until the day I need that feature.

@Ooops_404, I think you should fix this in the product and send a pull-request, to make sure this does not break updates.

Just do a code search on full_name and replace it with first_name + last_name.