Names of institutions where ERPNext Education is used

A client is asking for reference of education institutions where ERPNext is being used. We have reference of trading, manufacturing and design companies but not school. Seeking help for service providers to list names and websites of institutions where they have installed Education ERPNext and working fine.

Thank you for your assistance.

Hi Muzzy,

Here is one reference for ERPNext implementation at Shishuvan school.

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It is important and recommended to have list of schools or institutions that used ERPNext successfully.
Really it is not possible to give this YouTube for any school that need to install ERPNext :slight_smile:


Since ERPNext Education is an open source project which can be used by anyone so we can keep an exact count of users. However, we can create a post where everyone can update the user of ERPNext Education.
We had currently known to five-six users of ERPNext including Shishuvan and International University Of Erbil, Iraq. They have five colleges in their university which are all being managed by ERPNext only.

Hi folks, would the community members be kind enough to add few names of school/colleges/training center using ERPNext. Thanks

I am looking to recommend ERPNext for a school here. It looks really interesting. However, i am finding it difficult customizing the application form. There are more than a few details i would like the applicant to be able to add to the application form (especially basic info such as gender and a complete address) and there’s no way to review application form once applied.

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