Naming of Items or Customers

Hi guys,

what I’ve tried so far:
Changing Stock and Selling settings to choose naming_series for Customer and Items…this is only partly satisfying…

I am having the field customer_no in DocType customer…this field was taken from our old ERP solution. and has a ongoing numbering like 1400344 or something like that.

Same for items… our existing Items hat a specific numbering starting with XCFxxxx.

What I did so far:
Creating the naming series 15 starting with 955 for customer
Creating the naming series XCF starting with 2450 for items

As I am already having to fields for naming/item code, I want for customer:

Custom Field customer_no → on Save get naming_series (maybe custom script or options for custom field)
Naming Series for item as it should be displayed on save not as title but as editable field…is this possible?


Sorry not able to understand question.

Title field is set via the “title_field” property in the doctype

@rmehta Sorry for replying that late…

What I want is:
The customer_numer has got a new field from me…and I want it to be a series…but when I do it with selling options, the title field becomes the series and not the customer_number…is this possible with a custom script?


Set title_field to whatever field you want as title!

Sorry …I think I was confusing you…the title should be the customer_name as it is by default. I want to have a series for customer_number which is a custom field for “customer” doctype in my setup.


Still not getting it!

You want your name to be customer ID and not naming_series?

You should write a hook for autoname function for that

Sorry mate :wink:

Once again:
The naming_series should get populated into customer_number field…this field ist just a field like “phone number” with no special use (so far).


PS: How to do the hook?