Naming rule series number #### getting shared across all doctypes

The series number gets shared among all Doc Types that use expression as naming rule, when it should not be shared at all. I think this is a bug. Has anyone encountered the same?
If I have this doctype:

and another one:

Notice that they both use Expression as the naming rule and also the “format” method in setting the naming rule. The first one uses TD-{YYYY} as prefix and the other, SD-{YYYY}.

But when creating records for both doctypes, they use the same number in the #### part:

Is this intentional? How can we fix this?

Hi @mincerray,

Reset the series number to check the documentation.

Thank You

For some reason it is not in the Document Naming settings… it uses the blank name in the tabSeries table.

And even if I reset it to 0 (I did), and created a new record for 2 different DocTypes, it will still consume the common blank seed.
This is the first record created when I reset the seed to 0:

This is the 2nd record using a different DocType:

Note both have different prefixes: one is SD-2023, the other is TD-2023. But both of these prefixes are not in the Document Naming Settings somehow.


The naming rule format:REF.##### do not create a real prefix “REF” with a sequential index. All naming rule with format: use the same sequencial index.

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Any reason why it was there in the first place? Would you know the original use case?


select * from `tabDocType`
where autoname like 'format%'

Returns 50 records! And around 80% of these DocTypes are standard, so by default they are set like that

Check the tabSeries table if you use the DocType listed by your previous query

not one of the prefixes in the “autoname” of the DocTypes in the query result (format: autonames) are in the tabSeries table