Naming series advanced


Im wondering can i make the name series to be like this ?

so the index will be reseted every month…
which #year automatically filed with current year, and # month with current month

try this in naming option in forms


Replace YY with YYYY if you want 4 digit year

number of # determine the index’s lenght

will result in 001 as index where as ## will result in 01 as index.


ok thanks its works…great…

in case if someone opts out the (-.MM.-) to use just year, it works for year too. As we have April to March Financial Year in India, How to arrange prefix according to financial year so that series would automatically get restart at the end of financial year with like 201516 as prefix , Is it possible?

Thanks in adv

Hard-code them for each new year.

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Is this format resetting every month? Or do you have to manually reset the series?


Is it possible to name a series in the following format?

I want to reset the index every day.

Another option was:
SO-.YY.MM.-.### but without resetting index every month.

Thanks in advance.

Do you have a code example for reset naming series each year?

@Giuseppe_Lamatrice its old thread,
Now you can add year, month in naming series.
Please check following thread

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