Naming Series also as standard view and report view

I assume that the naming series are stored in a Doc…Now, examining/changing the settings doctypes have to be selected from a droplist…It would be convenient to have this as a table…so that the settings can be easily inspected…or possibly modified…

@becht_robert there is no need for creating a separate DocType. You can manage your Naming Series using the Naming Series Tool. Please refer following link to know how to do it.

Hope this helps.


For a doctype for which ID is generated based on a Naming Series, you will find a Series field in it.

You can add/edit values in the Series field from the Customize Form as well.

dear @shachiTakalkar @umair, thanks for your reply…Guess I formulated my suggestion not clear enough…It is not how to set them …A table with doctype in col1, and the latest defined naming series (thus skipping the blank to force user to select), user must select (y/n)…would give a quick visual overview of all settings…Now one has to inspect manually selecting from droplist…Just a small thing to improve usability/user-friendlyness


Github Issue with mockup on your suggested design will be very helpful. Thanks.