Naming Series as default Title


I already had the automatic created ID from Naming Series as Document Title.
But after merging to an new server, this setting is gone…

Please could someone gave me a hint, how to get this back?

Best regards

No Ideas?

Hi ,

Can describe more about "merging with new sever " like you have restored the backup in the new system ?

You have to take backup of data and restore to new server.

if you restored data then you can write steps which you followed. Make sure your operation completed without any error.

I did a backup of old data (ERPNext: v10.1.45 (master) - Frappe Framework: v10.1.44 (master)) and installed frappe and ERPNExt on a new server (ERPNext: v11.x.x-develop (752fd5a) (develop) - Frappe Framework: v11.x.x-develop (b939458) (develop)). After this I did a restoreing of data like it’s written here: Restoring From ERPNext Backup · frappe/erpnext Wiki · GitHub

without any error. I know new server is development version, maybe I found a bug. Everything else is working fine. Excepting this feature.

We need to have the automatically created name/numbering from naming_series somewhere written in a readable field. Best way at title field.

I am talking about APP projects.


I will try it the other way.
I need a (custom) field where the system is writing the ID/name created by naming_series. I know this was working also at projects.