Naming series bug?

I’m trying to change the naming series for several document types to include the company name. I changed Purchase Order to company.PO-

after I update I went to change Sales Order to company.SO- I get an error: “Series company.SO- already used in Purchase Order”

any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Are you in version 8?

May be naming series has to be unique and it seems you have used the same naming series in PO

This link may be helpful for you-

You will have to customize the code to use the company name in your series.

hi @Basawaraj_Savalagi, yes I am on version 8. The errors suggests that the naming series are not unique but they are: company.PO- and company.SO-

@kmohini thanks for the link. Yes, I have read it. I don’t think I need to customize the code… company.SO- does indeed work for my purpose. I would just like to prepend “company” to several document types.

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so I did some experiments. it seems like I can do “” and “” but I can’t do “.company.-SO-” and “.company.-PO-”. Is this a bug or intentional?

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I am having issues with the naming series prefix!
For some odd reason the numerals were outputting a weird number, especially using special characters such as the dash: -

Then without the dash, i was unable to get the specific amount of numerals, ie I needed a 10 digit number, and it was outputting eight digits. Eventually, I gradually reduced and increased the numerals # until the number finally worked. It did so without the special characters as well, since they seem to be the big problem there. I would like to discuss this further down the road.

I am just posting here the basics and will provide more examples as the week ends, I got overloaded all of a sudden.

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