Naming Series Clarifications

Hi All,
I need some clarifications that there is a code or ID that is generated for the purchase order and production order and sales order and material request etc., If it exists the Range it will move on or else need to update it.
For Example Sales Order starts with SO 00001,
If it reaches 99999 is it move to 100000 and has no limits or we need it to update by adding extra 0’s.
Slight Doubt on it
Also I am Using Version 4 ERPNEXT.

I’ve done a test on a Sales Order for example So-#, starting from SO-1 and so on, in the tenth turn into SO-10. So my conclusion if it reaches 99999 will continue to 100000.
Sorry for bad english

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@hendrik_zeta Thank You for your reply, it is continuing for the Custom Doctype. If it’s work the same for inbuilt Doctype also.

Yes, it works the same for Custom Doctype and Inbuilt Doctype.

Hi all,
Also In My New Custom Doctype I have added test data’s at last when I move it to live it’s not clearing and it starts with inbetween ID’s.

Screen shots Attached.

In Table,

MariaDB [erpnext]> select name from tabSRSI;
| name |
| SRSI 00008 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

MariaDB [erpnext]>

Here also no records saved before 8 ID.

Hi @KanchanChauhan, Thanks For your Reply.

Please start new thread for new query, gets difficult to read through and title gets misleading.