Naming Series Not Showing

It shows this inspite of no invoices existing. I then imported 5 invoices. This is still giving the same error.

Also getting the same error on adding items with standard selling rate

This error message indicates that when you are saving Item Price, system is trying to allocate “ITEM-PRICE-00002” to that Item Price record. But it is finding that Item Price with this ID is already existing in your system.

This error could arise because Current Value for Series/Prefix of Item Price is disturbed and not in sync with actual Current Value.

To confirm actual Current Value for particular Series, you could check report for document in question (Item Price in this case), and check for the Item Price ID with highest value.

Let’s assume we find that actual Current Value for Item price ID is 3, then you go Naming Series, and set Current Value for the Prefix/Series of Item Price to 3, and Update Series Number.

In Setup>Naming Series on selecting transaction as item price - I don’t see any" ITEM-PRICE- " series.
It is also not an option in update series section under it. Only ITEM- is available.

Could you post screen shots and version numbers?

No item-price to update-

No series (ITEM-PRICE- ) in item price transaction -

You can try to add the naming series field to the respective doc type and it would appear in the Update naming series. You can try this workaround if you are on a self-hosted ERPNext instance

I tried saving the series and get the series updated message.

However on refreshing the browser it does not show the series anywhere.

Still stuck. I think the problem is there due as there were two series imported. (ITEM-PRICE-00001 & ITEM-PRICE-0001) Now, I have deleted all item prices and re-imported in one sequence.

Purchase receipt is able to submit if no prices are updated.
So I think it is linked to ITEM PRICING only.

Please suggest how to rectify this?

After several tries naming series is still not updating.
I am thinking of emptying the item price table and then reimport all prices.
However I am unsure of how to fix the update series, where the Series is not showing up.

You would need to go to the Doc Type ‘Item Price’ in developer mode and add the field naming series, then it would appear in the drop downs in ‘Naming Series’.

After you correct your numbering, remove this field from the doctype.

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Hi Everyone,

We have been using ERPNext for more than 5 years and unique numbering of ITEM PRICE have become too big.

We do not self-host. We have tried the above methods but require developer mode.

  1. Is there an way to rename ITEM PRICE? For example, we are trying to change certain ITEM PRICE into ITEM-PRICE-2017-xxxxx for example. Because under Setup → DocType, ITEM PRICE is not renameable.

  2. How to change the default Auto Name (Naming Series) when we are not in developer mode?

Thank you.