Naming Series problem

When I delete a user the employee code (starts with E0001) not deletes ,when adding new employee Ecode it automatically takes E0002 but there is no employee with E0001

@hereabdulla the series will continue from the last used series not from the available series, so if you have E0001 and E0002 and E0003 and deleted E0001, if you add new employee he will take E0004 not E0001

but if you delete lets say E0003 instead of E0001 and added a new employee he will reuse the E0003 instead of E0004

@ramielian thanks for ur reply the problem is I am deleting E0003,adding next employee takes E004 not uses E003 thats my problem

@hereabdulla you are right and wrong in the same time, the thing is if you delete a record and added new record immediately the system will take the cached number from your browser and adds +1, but if you do refresh the site (refresh as in refresh the web page not only press refresh in the erp) it will forget the cached number and it will use from the DB…

i hope i did make it clear enough :smiley:

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You can reset the naming series counter…

Setup>Naming Series>

Thanks boss…Its worked…:grinning: