Naming Series / Property Setter for Item lost after bench migrate or bench update


on every execution of bench migrate, customizations on the Naming Series for Item get lost.

Seems like this is not a general problem, but I am looking for hints on how to troubleshoot this further:

Stock ERPNext Item Naming Series STO-ITEM-.YYYY.-:

I can change the Naming Series with “Customize Form”…

or/and with the ordinary Naming Series Dialog:

Accordingly i get one or two “Property Setter” Obejects for naming series:

After every bench migrate, (only) those two property setters for the Item-Naming-Series are gone, and the item defaults to STO-ITEM-.YYYY.-.

I was first thinking about exported customizations, but searching the whole frappe/apps directory for the string “STO-ITEM-.YYYY.-” just finds the stock item.json:
./erpnext/erpnext/stock/doctype/item/item.json:139: “options”: “STO-ITEM-.YYYY.-”,

Any other ideas, why these settings get lost?

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same issue in V14 whenever you migrate your application it vanishes