Naming series stops bench update

I have tried doing bench update I got an error message saying,

After an investigation, I did git status

It looks that file item.json get modified am I right?

question : I have implemented an item naming series based on item group, so Item code get generated automatically like below figure:

Do above changes in item.json is related to implemented naming series?

If yes this is configuration from front end do not have any relation with back end changes it should be accepted during bench update?

What is the correct way to proceed with bench update?

Thanks a lot

Hi @nmami,

it depends on how the change has been done. As far as I understand, you have added a naming series to the item DocType. For this, you have probably switched to develop_mode and used Edit Doctype. Edit DocType will alter the definition file, which will break bench update. For this, you will have to fork ERPNext and use your sources. And if you have changes valueable for others, feel free to share them.

Without edit doctype, AFAIK, there is no option to introduce a naming series to the item doctype. You could use a custom script and set the item_code based on a what items are in the system, reflecting the function of a naming series.

In short

  • when you use “edit doctype” the json is updated (file system) and bench update does not work
  • when you use “customize”, all is fine

Hope this helps.

Hi @lasalesi,
Very supportive reply.

Yes I added develop_mode to 1 in json file this one.
second, yes I have edited item doctype by putting default naming series.

to edit doctype customize form is there no?

I have a doubt, could you give steps on how to fork ERPNext? and how I share changes? sorry I am not a developper :slight_smile:.

Thanks a lot

Hi @nmami,

you are welcome.

Editing the doctype in developmer mode will create file changes, so yes - no.

You can fork ERPNext in github: go to GitHub - frappe/erpnext: Free and Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and as soon as you are logged in, you have the option to fork it. Then, you will need to add your fork as an additional remote to your server and switch to your repo. Note that you will have to update from the main repo yourself once you do this (bench update will only pull the most recent version from your repo)… Sharing changes after that is easy using pull requests. But if you do not feel familiar with github, maybe rather go with the customisation functions for now :wink: