Natural Gas, Bitcoin, and ERPNext - Need Advice On Setup

TL:DR: I’m hoping to integrate ERPNext into our operations to track, monitor, and hopefully analyze future opportunities. My company has natural gas wells, and we generate electricity from the gas to power bitcoin miners. Here is what I’m thinking, and if there is a better way, I would very much appreciate advice.

I’ve started off with the premise that our product is BTC, and using the manufacturing template, each well could be a workstation, and our product would go to a finished-goods warehouse.

Electricity cost to us is essentially 0, but we do pay our landowners for the gas we use. That rate changes depending on the market price of natural gas. Is electricity cost in the workstation setup meant to be consumption in kW, or actual price per kWh? The latter seems silly since even in regular businesses, electricity costs varies throughout the day.

Each one of generators uses a different amount of gas to produce a different amount of electricity. We have sensors at the well head that I can pull data from for how much gas we’re using, but we’ll have to guesstimate how much electricity we’re producing.

The miners consume a known amount of electricity.

At the end of each month we tally up the gas we used and cut checks for our landowners. Can we use this function to do this automatically?

The efficiency of our miners (electricity to rewarded coin per day/week/month) depends on data from our mining pool which we can call. Analysis, projection, etc. also relies on public data that can be curated via various API’s.

Storage, Conversions, and Sales
We hold our coin until the end of each month when we sell it for cash and pay our bills. Finished Goods Warehouse is the short-term storage for awarded coin, and at the end of the month we sell it like it is a product.

We have no customers, per se. We sell on exchanges at the market rate - I guess it is sort of like selling products on eBay, except we do not know who the counter-party is. Should we list the customer as the exchange on which we’re selling?

The CRM function will be utilized to nurture relationships with potential and existing investors. There are some accounting challenges here, since cash from these relationships will not be attributed to Sales. I haven’t dived into the accounting function yet, so I’ll have more questions on this later.