Navbar only showing up after reload

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Frappe although experienced in Python.
I just started a new job and I’ve been assigned a frappe app project.
In particular, these guys have made a messy frappe app that I need somehow to fix and extend, but it’s a bit of a nightmare, as none of the software-development guidelines has been followed.

I’ll go straight to the point.
When I start the bench
with bench start everything goes at it should, the server and all the other services start properly, and I can visit localhost:8000 verifying that all the functionalities work as expected, but the navbar: it does not show up. However, if I reload the page on Chrome with Ctrl + r it will show up and won’t disappear while navigating the site.

So, it seems that someone before my time did something stupid that might be related to the cache clearing process, but they don’t have any written documentation (I know, mad!) so I’ve basically been looking for a needle in a haystack.

I’m perfectly aware that this might be a long shot so any help is absolutely appreciated.

The frappe version is v10.1.71 (v10.x.x)
and bench version is 4.1.0

Thanks in advance

It might help to turn on the developer tools in Chrome on your first page load to see if any issues pop up.

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Thanks for your reply @crafter
I already did that, but no signs of issues on the console, even though I can see that the navbar is not being rendered before the first reload