Navigate P&L to Balance Sheet View does not show the Accumulated Value Checkbox


Wondering if this is a setup issue or caching issue.

When we navigate from P&L view to Balance Sheet View, it somehow shows up without the accumulated value checkbox. Even if I were to check accumulate value in P&L then navigate, it also don’t show up in Balance Sheet.

When I did a refresh, it is still the same. But only when I reload, the desired Balance sheet view with accumulated values is being shown up.

Any light or advice will be helpful. - see attachments.


Boon Yar

Asking for clarification:

  • Is it that Accumulated Value’s field itself is not visible?
  • Field should be checked by default for the Balance Sheet?

Hi Umair,

The Accumulated Value field is not visible as per my screen shot.

But even if it can be shown eventually, I like to know if it should be check by default because if I were to navigate from Accounts - Balance Sheet, it is default checked.

Boon Yar

Has this been resolved? ERPNext: v10.1.35 does not show the “Accumulated Values” checkbox in the Balance sheet report. And in fact the values being show on the balance sheet are not accumulated.

Can’t replicate the issue in my test account. Which version are you using?

@nabinhait This was a weird one. When the checkbox doesn’t show up I hit reload on the browser and the checkbox shows up. Maybe it was some caching issue because I recently upgraded from 8 to v10.1.35.

I’m using v10.1.35.