Navision comparison

We are getting enquiries from potentil users of ErpNext that are wanting to move away from Microsoft Navision.

Does anyone have any information on the benefits, challenges etc of migrating to ErpNext from Nav?


Dear, Instead of comparing features, specify your needs / problems. And see if ERPNext can solve your current pain points and 2-3 yrs into the future. So what is that Navision doesn’t solve that needs to be solved?

Better question are:

  • Navision doesn’t do X, can ERPNext do it?
  • Can ERPNext do XYZ?

Hope this helps.

While I agree with you @Not_a_countant I still think the question is relevant as is.

It will be nice If we have any one with a Navision background that can tackle this question


Thanks @Not_a_countant, and that would be a standard approach to any on-boarding.

However, my question was more focused on any experience with Navision, and other ERP, that could be shared to help in the wider acceptance of ErpNext.

If any members have converted customers from Navision for instance, what made the most impact, what was the biggest hurdle.


Navision or Dynamics 365 Business Central(current version);

  1. Has no Human Resources module (Accomplished via custom add-ons)
  2. No Industry Specific Modules (Education, Healthcare, Non Govt, Agriculture) (Accomplished via custom add-ons)
  3. No Supplier/Customer portal (Accomplished via custom add-ons, a bit pricey due to licenses)
  4. Has no Material Requests, other essential procurement features
  5. Has no Quality Module
  6. Has Retail/POS module
  7. Costly compared to ERPNext

Just a few.

Would highly recommend ERPNext, unless client insists Navision


In addition ERPNext is easier to customize, and that’s factoring in Navision has a reputation of being easy to customize.

Navision implementations take longer in my experience, due to the many customization required, and user training, and more support afterwards.

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ERPNext has more and useful reports


@glz - Many thanks for the info

We only work with ERPNext so just need the ammunition to persuade other system users

Am not sure all this is accurate about Navision

For one a. Sure it does have an HR Module

Sure, it does have hr, albeit limited to employee biodata capture, and timesheets(a recent addition).

The employee details is still basic, one has to customize for departments, grades.

Life-cycle processes (promotions, transfers), payroll, leave, recruitment, training, attendance, loans mgt have to be customized.