Need a Help - UOM

We have problem with UOM.
We have an item called Dj sheet. Normally we buy UOM numbers.
1 Nos sheet = 55.11 square feet

We use Nos UOM while purchasing Sheet.
While selling we use Square foot but need to show numbers (Nos) in sales invoice. How to achieve this with ERPnext.


Thank you @NCP . i got it.
and one more thing
Is it possible to get qty in sales invoice based on purchasing UOM and sales UOM?

Explore it. During transactional processes, you can change the Unit of Measure (UOM), but ensure to thoroughly test it beforehand.

We create UOM Conversion Factor in item master

for sales invoice we define Square Foot is as default UOM. additionally we need to show the qty as in Nos also . is it possible?

If you want to set the default UOM as a Nos then set it in item master.

i want both (Nos and squre foot) in same it possible.

Maybe not