Need a little help on defining multiple tax in one invoice

Hello everyone,

I am having a little problem on entering one purchase invoice to our system.

The invoice i have has 38 items. These are all non-stock items (not defined in erpnext and there is no need to define them). It is just a purchase invoice and what i am interested in is the total amount and the total tax paid.

5 out of 38 items have different tax ratio than the others. In this case i am stuck and don’t know how to book this invoice as i am only available to select one tax template.

Any ideas?

Hi… sorry, this is not a solution to your problem, but instead a question. We have a similar scenario where my users create quotations of products we don’t have, it’s just a quotation and in the event the customer agrees, we request the product to our vendor and enter it into stock… My question is, how do you create quotations without the products in stock? do you create them and then delete them? how does that work, thank you.


Well, considering the purchase invoices i create, i just enter the “item name” and leave the item code blank.

If item code is mandatory then you need to customise the form and uncheck “mandatory” section for the related item.

Thanks… !

Set up the taxes at the item level. Means that you need to have a separate item code for each item.
Call a specific account into the Item Tax master. Specify the percentage of tax.
Now go define a tax template.
Use the same account you called in the Item Tax Master
Use 0 as the rate.
Now call this template into your transaction.
Click on show tax breakup, Voila: You have a solution!!

You set it up in the Item Master as both a purchase and sales item. You don’t need to have stocks of these items to make a quote for the items.



Hi Jay, thanks… I think I explain the issue incorrectly. I do understand I don’t need the item in stock, but I don’t want to create items for quotations that probably will never get sold. I need to have the ability to have quotations without creating products… just like being able to enter a “xyz” item name with its associated price in the quotation and send it to the customer without affecting my item list. Should I create a custom field to enter free text? Thanks

I’d still create items as I quote. Unless I have to give quotes for thousands of items, but get orders for only tens of items.

The other option is to create a generic item and then change its description.

Or manage the quoting on Excel and enter only the orders into ERPNext.

Trust that helps.



Thanks @JayRam for the answer.

Your solution is indeed a solution but not exactly what i was looking for. My case is just like shopping from IKEA. Consider buying around 50 items which are not assets but just materials/equipments for the office and some have different tax ratios than the others. I need this invoice to be recorded in Erpnext and i need to know how much tax i have paid in the end.

In this case, creating items in Erpnext, for all the materials in the purchase invoice does not make sense, am i right?

As a workaround, i am considering creating just two non-stock items to issue the different two tax rates on the invoice. Than continue as you suggested. But to be honest, i don’t think this should be the best solution.

Thanks again for the help.