Need advice on installing and learning erpnext

i have a laptop with these specs.
cpu: intel celeron n3350
ram: 2gb
storage: 32gb SSD

can i use this to learn how to install and develop in erpnext ?
what os do you recommend i use?
how big is erpnext once installed?

In my opinion this configuration is the minimum that I would Use

Maybe you can start with that hardware and then move on to a nuc or mini pc.

I think I recommend them
Cpu I 3
Ram 4gb
Memory +50gb

Hello @CuriousPasserby and Welcome @Karmoy.

I have a laptop with:

  1. Intel Celeron N4100 quad-core 1.1 to 2.4 GHz. This CPU does offer HW virtualisation (VTx, VTd & EPT) so I can run VirtualBox
  2. 8GB (8192 MB) LPDDR4 2400MHz
  3. 128GB eMMC SSD

We use this laptop for customer demonstrations. It’s absolutely fine. Your specs are somewhat inferior so I’m not all that sure it’ll run all that well.

If you want to play around with ERPNext, I strongly recommend installing it on a Virtual Machine. You can easily clone a working state and return to it with minimal headache should you mess things up. We run Linux Mint on the Laptop along with VirtualBox. Then in VirtualBox we install Linux Debian (minimal server edition) and Frappe / ERPNext on that.

I would say no less than 4GB of RAM. Using less than that, people have run into memory issues.

I can say with confidence that any Debian-based OS is quite fine. I’ve never tried a CentOS, but that’s supported too.

I examined an ERPNext v13 on my laptop. It’s using 1.7GB of disk space. That does not include the SQL database.

thanks all,
tried running ubuntu desktop and erpnext on my spec and it hang when i did bench start. the desktop wasnt really responsive after that. ill try out the specs you guys suggested