Need an help related to XBS360 server configuration

Hi Pratik,
I am trying to setup one domain site on on the XBS360 server (owned by Wale).

I have tried this much,

  1. Created one folder as /srv/ and created one
  2. Tried to create one virtual host configuration for the Initially tried in nginx settings later tried in
  3. But I am not able to get through it to reach the everytime I get blocked as “What you are
    looking for doesn’t exist. Continue to” which is handled
    exception in the erpnext.conf.
  4. Even tried to create one virtualhost
    in erpnext.conf file itself as a try still doesn’t help.Need your
    help to correct the configuration to resolve it to

Let me know if anything required.

This is off topic from ERPNext deployment. Create a file ({something}.conf) with an nginx server block in /etc/nginx/conf.d/ and reload nginx.


Yes I tried that as first approach but it doesn’t solve the problem.

Then I tried with other approaches as mentioned.


Would help if you share the nginx config you tried

Would help if you share the nginx config you tried

did you reload nginx? What does service nginx configtest say?

Thanks. Pratik.
Discussion has helped me to resolve the problem.

Initially I was confused what is driving the site nginx or httpd as conf file is present both side. So, I tried both ways.

We can close the topic.

I had tried reloading and configtest was “OK”. Only mistake was file name doesn’t end with .conf but .net.
I tried rename and it worked.

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