Need carma to fix wrong translations but amount of translators is very little


I translated ERPNext to russian language. I see in verified traslations many errors. To fix it I need a carma, but amount of translators to russian is very little and my carma will grow very slowly.

What should I do?

Thanks - Karma added

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One time I asked about that, I need Karma to translate to Brazilian, I had stoped to use Frappe for that, Now I’m checking again about the translate.

Is there one way to translate without use Karma System? Justo for my instalation?

@jonasvreichel sorry we missed your request. Boosted your karma.

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@rmehta I need karma to translate into Indonesian.

Is it possible to get some karma to get the danish translation improved. The current state is funny, but hard to work with.


My karma is low. But some verified strings need to update. Can You help me?

And… how can I undestand context for certain string? It critical for russian cases. “What’s a case? In simple terms, cases are sets of endings that words take to indicate their function and relationship to other words in a sentence. Different languages have different numbers of cases. Russian has 6 cases, which isn’t that bad compared to Finnish, which has 15! English speakers, on the other hand, never have to bother with cases.”
May be it’s some dev option for translating text in the each view in ERPnext? Or i can translate not whole list but only one module?

Several times asked…
I’m in the row again…

Please add 70 more ,
I’m starving for karma…

Easy to understand just use
ERPNext in your everyday life.

Hope this helps.

How can I use it? It impossible with that translation!!!

“Group Roll No” translated like “No Group Roll”


This is what you know if you use
the system:

In this case No = Number or Numero

Hope this helps.

Thanx. I’m not … stupid
It illustrate bad translation. In this case its very hard to understand what user must to do. There mach more mistakes.
I translate odoo and I know how it easy. I’d like to make some useful for erpnext, but it very hard. Imho


Thank you all your effort about the contributions .

I make some translation in odoo as well .

There was lot of complain.
Some people just want to translate in a spreadsheet,
and replace all words in ones. /“Easy way”/

It caused problems because case by case the worlds
meaning was different… - as you raised before.

The only solution if the translator use the system, parallel with the translation work.

It is not enough to know the words , but necessary to have some clue about the selling - buying behavior and more about of accounting in case of translating the booking etc.

Hope this helps.

Yes, I mean that exactly.
How can I understad what is ‘list’ (etc.) when translate it. Whitch module it is from?

Hi @maxdron,

I guess the best way to understand the context of a specific word is by checking were it is applied using ERPNext everyday and improving the translations each time you face an incorrect word.

If you download the translation page (, you can also check the first column were Frappe indicates the location of the given word.

The only limitation with the current translation model is that a specific translation will be used everywhere in ERPNext.
It is an issue for certain languages (like French for example) where a word has a different meaning based on the context: for example “Apply Now” can be translated as “Appliquer” or “Postuler” depending on the action to be taken and the two meaning are completely different.
For the moment we need to find a middle ground with a translation that applies in most of the cases.

Good luck!


Thank You

Please boost me some karma
to let me correct the verified ones.