Need developer to make windows pos app linked to ERPNext

Need a Native windows application for POS .


  • Similar to offline POS on erpnext system.
  • Basic selling and invoice creation.
  • Basic customer creation .
  • Able to store data locally offline.*
  • syncs all the invoices to system when online.

The most basic need is to have a application which can retain invoices when offline for larger amounts of time.
possibly - get the item details , customer details ,and mode of payment details during initial sync .

then able to operate offline , by storing the data (new customer or invoice ) , as jason or some suitable format in local folders as files.
possibly each file containing data can have a flag to see if it is synced or not.
system will check for sufficient network connectivity from time to time.
on getting network , it will sync all the data to the erpnext site and mark those files as synced .

possible to try to initiate sync manually by button as well .
the synced files will still be on local for review wether number of invoices per day are matching.

Need a reliable team which can develop this ,
further details can be discussed on private communication.


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Please post your requirements in,

Just try Frappe Accounting, This is designed for the offline usage with basic functionalities of ERPNext.

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oh , great ,
developed by @netchampfaris
its a windows app ,
but i see its still in beta and pre-release ,
any idea when it will be ready?
also if there is any demo video or anything it’d be great.
we are ready to fund it , a product developed and maintained on core is always better


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It may release in a couple of months.
Join with @netchampfaris and support him for further development.

Hey thanks for your interest, currently basic Invoicing and Payments are working. We are also working on POS via the ESOC program. You can expect the first version to be released in 3 months.


ok , great ,

i’d be happy to beta test once its ready,

is it developed on js , python only or .net framework ?

i would like to contribute some way , hopefully even to speed up the release

It’s great to hear you people are working on an offline POS. I would be happy to contribute to that if I can find the source code. Can you tell us what is the ESOC program? If you mean the frappe/accounting application then can I suggest that it should also have a feature to sync with ERPNext?

But I thought Frappe Accounting was going to be a completely separate product that was meant to STAY offline. Does this mean that it will be able to play the part of an offline chunk of ERPNext that will be able to sync it’s offline data back to an online production system?

I am confused about what the product was meant to be.


@bkm You are right, it is a separate product.

@kt2152 I think I didn’t make it clear that syncing to ERPNext is not something we are focusing on right now. It may happen in the near future.

Oh i see ,

in that case near future is always a minimum of 6-12 months away :sweat:

i would have liked something available to replace the offline pos in erpnext,
as it is extremely far from a optimal POS which can safely run on production environment ,
as it only depends on browser cache, has many sync issues , and no back ups or checks to see loss of invoices ,
its risky to say the least.

Anyway cheers , hopefully this will be good end product.

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