Need email notification when a task is assigned to responsible person

Hi Friends,
I need email notification when a task is assigned to the responsible person

Thanks in Advance

If you have set default email account ,then when task is assigned an email is sent through that default account to the assigned user.

i had configured email account in erpnext this is not a default account for sending

and also one problem im facing if i use “imap checkbox” gmails are getting unread automatically which mails are not read by the client

You can set default outgoing account ,


Would the Notification feature work for this?

this email is not a default outgoing email account i need if management assigned a task or lead it should go email notification; while "

assigned to" assigned the respective person should get email


Yes, the assigned to person will get the email, but if you haven’t set any default outgoing email, then from whom the email will be sent to the assigned to person.

for eg: General manager assigns a task to sales user,he should receive email notification; both general manager user and sales user had email already configured in erpnext