Need Footer Only at bottom of Last page in Multiple Pages

We need to set Footer Only at bottom of Last page in Multiple Pages. For that we have wrote a custom Format in Print Format.

In the following CSS code

@page {
size: 8.27in 11.69in;
margin-left: 4cm;
@bottom { content: “Pranera”; background:red; }

margin-left and size coding are working fine. But if we put code along with “@” symbol. It doesn’t work, specifically for @ bottom { content: “Pranera”; background:red; }.

If we use @ symbol with other attributes like @top, @right, @left, even for this doesn’t work.

I dont think @ is valid selector in CSS.

You cannot disable Footer repeat as of now. You can use Terms and Conditions which is displayed at the end of the print format, or use an HTML field in a custom print format.

@netchampfaris I don’t need to disable footer, I need to display the footer at bottom of last page only in multiple page document.


Have you found any solution to it, as I am also looking for the same requirement.

@IT_Department Any updates?

Not yet @Mohammed_Redha

We’re also looking for a solution to this.

It can be accomplished by writing your own html in print format

Could you elaborate a little on that. Do you have an example code for this and do we add it in the print format css of the document we want to display a specific footer on the last page of the document printout.