Need guidance in setting up PriceList


I need guidance in setting up price list for following scenario of our customer:

Our customer is selling security systems and related devices along with a few mobile apps and hosting solutions. There are total of around 600 items they are dealing in.

  1. Post CODIV-19 pandemic the pricing fluctuates very frequently because of this updating the price list tends to become a time consuming chore. For example just recently Panasonic updated their prices three time in just 15 days for their security products. Is there a way by which one can add/subtract absolute value from the prices currently listed in price list so if the user wants to reduce the price of all items by a flat amount of INR 5 all the prices of items in price list should get updated… instead of calculating and then editing each items price manually.

  2. Is there a way by which a user can create a price list in which items prices are auto calculated and increased or decreased on percentage (%). For example if the user wants to have a margin of 10% on the purchase price they should be able to do this easily.



You can set the validity for the price.

Or you can bulk upload the Item Price using spreadsheets.
for that use data import option, in that select update record and download the current data and modify the price for the item and upload.

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