Need guidance to customize GST Invoice print format

Finally I have managed to get GST features functional.

But when I print GST Invoice and if the items have different GST it is now show in the Item Table.

Instead I want to add the GST (%) applied column and another with calculated amount of GST.

How can I add GST related columns?

All help is highly appreciated.


Hi @yogeshvachhani,

1 Option:
If you want to custom print format then add a column and added a condition like if Item tax Template 18% then 18% is shown in GST% columns.
And you can also calculate the GST amount in different columns.

2 Option:
Create a custom field like GST% in the sales invoice items and also set the custom field in Item Tax Template and fetch from condition set in GST% in the sales invoice items.
When you select the Item Tax Template then automatically % is shown in the custom field and another custom field adds like the GST amount. And set your condition according to GST Amount.
Then go to your print format and added item columns like GST% and GST amount. Reload your system and check your GST Invoice print format.

Hope you understand.

Thank You!


Hi ,
Can you please share a template or code if you have , it will be really helpful .
Iā€™m on Release v 14
Thanks !