Need help for cur_frm.add_fetch

hello , i was searching to cutomise erpnext

i want to link items to supplier , as it makes it easier for me take quote from multiple suppliers and i can link them to products they keep .

i created a custom doctype in the supplier forms , which allows me to add items which they keep

this is going fine but i want the same to be reflected here in the items page that these are the suppliers for the products

is there a way to cross link , can you give me the code . i am finding it difficult to understand .

Wouldn’t it be easier to just do a report for Items where there is a supplier’s part number? Something like this? That way you just fill in the information on the Item page and you can quickly find out what a supplier provides, without having to have an extra doctype or a bunch of links.

If you really want to do it your way, you’ll need to add a bunch of python code to make sure those two lists are always synchronized. An add_fetch won’t work.


sorry cannot do this , it is very important to my business

anyone help ?

Did u try to add Item Supplier to a field in Supplier doctype and filter with custom query?

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can anyone help @rmehta

still waiting

Instead of waiting try the hints u got and/or post a job to ERPNext: Free and Open Source Cloud ERP Software

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Hello @Nikesh_Bhansali,

Only solution of your problem is custom script, you can make python file for fetch data like supplier and fill it thought custom script.