Need help for item and its variants data for REST API

Hi All,
I need some help in how to fetch item and its multiple variants from erpnext. I have added 10 items in erpnext with one item have variants. Please check link :

Please provide the endpoints for item variants so that I can insert the variant data to my opencart project.
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any update

To Achieve this you need to trigger two requests:

Request 1: For template
Request 2: For Variants:

For Example:
Request 1:
Get all templates:
http://IP-Address/api/resource/Item?filters={“has_variants”: true}

Request 2:
Get all the variants:
http://IP-Address/api/resource/Item?filters={“variant_of”: “template_name”}

Thanks Navdeep,
Its working, You are really save my time