Need help in Income Tax Calculation

Hi Everyone,

Is there anyone who is working on Income Tax calculation in ERPNext.
I am asking because, I am working on it at some extent but now I need some help.

I appreciate if anyone have done any work in past or presently working on the same can help me.

I have developed

  1. Master Doctype: For Investment Declaration Type
  2. Detail Doctype: For Investment Declaration, Employee Wise and Financial Year Wise
  3. Master Doctype: For Income Tax Slab, Financial Year Wise and Category Wise
    Now, I want the Income Tax in the Salary Slip is to be calculated on the basis of input of above forms.

Ruchin Sharma

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if you are looking for code to calculate income tax(i.e Deductions table in Salary Slip)
See code to calculate earning based on leave without pay
Calculate all function will calculate_earning_total, similarly you can write code to calculate deduction based on Income Tax.
Let me know if you need any help.


This function calculates the Income Tax on the basis of Total Pay Days.
For example, if I mention 3000 in Income Tax under the deduction of Salary Structure of employee “X”, then it only divides the 3000/No of pay days.

I want to calculate the Income Tax on the basis of the input of the forms I have developed.

Ruchin Sharma