Need help in restoring back up files

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Can i use ftp to upload my downloaded backups on my pc to my server?
Is their anyway that i can transfer my back ups on my PC to my server?

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First copy your mysql file from server to local.

mysql -u [uname] -p[pass] [db_to_restore] < [backupfile.sql]


mysql -u 8278f06fgrg4dd -psfyiwy9tytcEouc9mUI 8278f06fgrg4dd < unzip.restore_database.sql

im using ubuntu serverโ€ฆ im confuse how to copy my sql file from server to localโ€ฆ


So i will log in to my server as given in the example below,
then find the sql file and add .gz to it (gunzip the file)

scp XXXX username@XX.XXX.XX.XX:path of server/frappe-bench/sites/siteNAME/private/backups/123243443234324_database.sql.gz /home/abc/xyz/

(your server details then the local path where you want to paste the file)

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