Need help installing ERPNext on RHEL 8

I am trying to install ERPNext on RHEL 8. I have no experience with ERPNext installation and RHEL 8 so this is a learning process for me.

Below is where I’m having trouble with the installation. Since this is just for me to learn how to install before I implement it on the production/development server, I decide to use “localhost” as I do not own any domain.

[erp@localhost frappe-bench]$ bench new-site localhost
MySQL root password: 
For key character_set_server. Expected value utf8mb4, found value latin1
For key collation_server. Expected value utf8mb4_unicode_ci, found value latin1_swedish_ci
Creation of your site - localhost failed because MariaDB is not properly 
configured.  If using version 10.2.x or earlier, make sure you use the 
the Barracuda storage engine. 

Please verify the settings above in MariaDB's my.cnf.  Restart MariaDB.  And 
then run `bench new-site localhost` again.

Database settings do not match expected values; stopping database setup.

The guide that I’m following is here:

My knowledge on server deployment, RHEL and stuff related to these are very little so do have some patience with me.

Any help, guide, tips, are very much welcome and I thanks you so much.

I’ve written a full guide on how to install ERPNext v13 on RHEL 8, but it’s in french. I’d happily provide it if you need. It includes production setup, SELinux config and kernel tweaking.
In the meantime, for your particular project, you must configure file /etc/my.cnf.d/mariadb-server.cnf in [mysqld] with the following:

# NETPERFECT-BZ012: Optimisation des performances mono serveur
table_cache             = 1000
# NETPERFECT-BZ131: Permet l'import de fichiers SQL disposant de INSERT statements trop longs (ERROR 2006 (HY000) at line 696: MySQL server has gone away)
max_allowed_packet      = 128M
# NETPERFECT-BZ065: Augmenter la taille du fichier log INNODB pour permetttre de jouer de plus grandes requêtes (info: MySQL server has gone away.). Additional info:
innodb_log_file_size    = 128M
# NETPERFECT-BZ213: Augmenter la durée maximale d'absence de requête pour éviter l'erreur (MySQL server has gone away)
wait_timeout            = 288000
# NETPERFECT-BZ003: Chaque table INNODB doit posséder son propre fichier afin de faciliter la récuperation de données en cas de crash
innodb-file-per-table   = 1

# NETPERFECT-BZ401: Do not set client handshake (dokos)
character-set-client-handshake = FALSE
# NETPERFECT-BZ232: Set default collation for most applications
character-set-server           = utf8mb4
# NETPERFECT-BZ232: Set default collation for most applications
collation-server               = utf8mb4_unicode_ci

Best regards.

You should also checkout feat(config): Add RHEL 8 compatibility by deajan · Pull Request #1307 · frappe/bench · GitHub where I added RHEL 8 compatibility for production setups.